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Warning: Contained herein is very likely more information about the Diamondbacks than you'd ever want to know. In other words (as Sting once sang): "Too much information running through my brain; too much information driving me insane". Enter at your own risk.
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Here's the latest Jays news on a quiet Sunday.
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The Batter's Box Fantasy League closed its offseason trading window on the 28th. 15 BBFL owners combined to consummate ten trades. Five owners declined to partake in the festivities.

So who went where?
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In the March 2004 issue of Esquire magazine (hitting newsstands right about now), you may be surprised and delighted to find a feature article on newest Blue Jay Talley Haines. No, he's not an immaculate dresser or a rising Hollywood star (not that I'm aware of, anyway), but he's the case-study subject of an article on the Rule 5 Draft, written by former National Post scribe Chris Jones. The article reveals that the Jays have had their eye on Haines for a year, ever since he retired the heart of their order in a game last spring. It looks like a good read -- pick it up if you can.
Here's the latest news coming out of spring training.
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The bloom is off the rose.

Fans once packed Mile High Stadium and Coors Field regardless of how well the Rockies played, but too many years of mediocrity have driven them away. Attendance has fallen for an astonishing seven consecutive seasons, and season tickets sales have fallen from 34,000 to 16,000 in five short years. With the Broncos, Avalanche and even the usually awful Nuggets offering competitive products, the Rockies find themselves at the bottom of the local sports heap in terms of quality and buzz.

GM Dan O’Dowd and company certainly didn’t create any buzz this winter. Still burdened by the catastrophic signings of Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle as well as other contracts granted before the “market correction” 2002-2003, Colorado will pay $51 million to just five players (Helton, Wilson, Johnson, Neagle, Walker) this season and roughly the same amount next season. Colorado didn’t sign any marquee free agents this winter and probably won’t until after 2005 when the contracts of all but Todd Helton disappear. Jeromy Burnitz and familiar face Vinny Castilla top the list of free agents signed to help the team tread water while prospects develop.
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No Dexy's Midnight Runners this morning, but please say hi to Eileen for me, Mick!

So what's in the ol' paper pile this morning?
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Here's the Milwaukee Brewers preview for 2004.
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While I am still reeling from Mike Williams' decision to leave USC, I can take comfort knowing that in one week -- one week! -- spring training games begin. I know they are useless in the big picture, but in the bigger-than-big picture they mean that the real games aren't far behind.

Enjoy your weekend, Canadians, Americans, Brits -- everyone. Yes, even Yankee fans.
As February winds to a close and spring training ramps up, let's take a look at the first of what will be 12 All-Star teams ... that's right, it's the All-February Team, made up entirely of players born in the shortest month. Next February, if time, energy and patience permit, we can play a tournament to determine the best of all months to be born if you want to play in The Show.

Now, first, there are nine Hall of Famers elected primarily for what they did as players who were born during February. These are Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner (ooh, pretty good start, huh?) ...
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As Opening Day draws inexorably closer, one's thoughts turn unavoidably to the greatest sports-related travel itineraries in North American sports: Baseball road trips.
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I'm Jonny G., and I don't own a TV.
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It was reported in the Globe and Mail today that Pete Walker's contract has been sold to the Yokohama BayStars of Japan's Central League.
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Can the Cubs reverse the Bartman Curse this season?
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Sorry kids, no Pixies or Haircut 100 references today. I do have some Jays articles, tho.
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