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It's off to the Windy City for the Jays and their shell-shocked bullpen. After falling victim to some late-inning heroics in Minneapolis, Toronto now faces an opponent for whom come-from-behind rallies have become standard operating procedure. Despite trailing 8-2 in the sixth and 8-4 in the ninth last night, Ozzie Guillen's ChiSox still managed to pull out a 9-8 victory over Cleveland.

The Pale Hose can go yard with anybody, and with Juan Uribe swinging a hot bat, the heart of the order has become that much more dangerous. On the pitching side of the ledger, the starting staff has been vulnerable, while the bullpen has been steadier (though not failsafe by any means.) This week's Scout includes a rookie manager, a struggling slugger and some brewing bad blood between the Sox and their richer National League neighbours on the North Side.

Hopefully, some of our Chicago-area Bauxites like Mathesond and Dr. Zarco can give us some first-hand accounts from the four-game set. Judging from their comments over the last few days, Chicago will indeed be the Windy City -- and very possibly the Rainy City as well this weekend.

On to the Advance Scout!

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The 2004 MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7th is rich in college pitching. Itís expected that Jered Weaver of Long Beach State and Justin Verlander of Old Dominion will go to San Diego and Detroit with the top 2 picks of the draft. The rest of the first round is expected to be dominated by pitching as well.

YOUR Toronto Blue Jays have the 16th selection in the first round. With an exceptionally weak hitting class itíd be no surprise to see the Jays look toward selecting a pitcher or two at the top of the draft.

In addition to their normal picks the Jays also picked up 2 additional draft choices for Escobar signing with the Angels. One is a sandwich pick between round 1 and 2, and the 2nd pick is the Angels' 3rd round pick.
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I planned on avoiding?
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Will Dustin McGowan ever start another game in Double-A?
Will the Charleston Alley Cats ever lose again?

The answer to both of those questions could be, "NO"!
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Will Dustin McGowan ever start another game in Double-A?
Will the Charleston Alley Cats ever lose again?

The answer to both of those questions could be, "NO"!
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After a strong start in Syracuse, Justin Miller takes the hill tonight in the Metrodome. Kyle Lohse gets the start for the Twins. Lohse has given up 19 runs in 21 and 2/3rds innings this season in his 4 starts to begin the season. Combine that with the wakening Jays bats and there's a possibility of lots of runs tonight.
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In this thread I will discredit every excuse that you use to not come out to the SkyDome to see your Toronto Blue Jays, especially now that the team seems to have found its wheels. Hit me with your best shots!
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Catcher Greg Myers has been placed on the 15-day DL after badly spraining his left ankle pulling up at third base in last night's contest with the Twins. Replacing him on the Major League roster will be journeyman catcher Gregg Zaun, called up from AAA Syracuse.
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Syracuse was rained out in Scranton, but the other three minor-league teams swept all before them, bouncing back from a couple of weak days. Come-from-behind victories were the order of the day.
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Say you don't care who goes to that kind of place
Knee deep in the hoopla, sinking in your fight
Too many runaways eating up the night
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The Jays face a potentially dominating lefthander (Johan Santana) tonight. Toronto started 2003 with 7 wins and 13 losses, playing only three opponents during that opening stretch: the Red Sox, Yankees and Twins. The Blue Jays would be one game ahead of that pace with a victory tonight and could move into a tie with the Yankees if the Bombers lose to Oakland.

Despite their offensive struggles, the Fighting Jays have outscored the Yankees by 10 runs and are two runs better in run differential after 19 games played.
`The Duchess will be furious,' thought the White Rabbit. He was carrying a silver tray on which rested a bowl of sugar cubes, a plate of biscuits and a white china teapot inset with gold leaf. As he ran, the contents of the tray slid back and forth, mixing themselves up terribly.

The Rabbit said to himself, `Three tea bags, a biscuit in hot water for five minutes, one lump of milk and some sugar. Yes, I'm quite certain that's what the Duchess asked for.'

The Duchess, of course, was furious. `I swear, if that rabbit doesn't return soon I shall have no choice but to feed him his own awful tea. Yes, that will teach him well. "I'll be back in five minutes," he said. "Shan't be but a moment." He's been gone three weeks if he's been gone a day.'

The Duchess' fury only grew as the White Rabbit obsequiously bowed his way into her prescence. `Your tea, Duchess,' he said, as he carefully laid the tray at her feet.

`I'm glad to see you've brought my biscuits, tea and sugar,' said the Duchess in reply, 'but I would like to ask you: where is my Crystal Ball?'
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I thought everyone might enjoy taking a look at Illinois House Resolution 715, which was passed on Thursday.
Charleston continue their winning ways; Syracuse and Dunedin lose again; New Hampshire are all wet but I am including a brief scouting report from my trip.
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Three teams are bunched within a game of first place in the Alomar division. My own Toronto Walrus, by virtue of a hard-fought 7-4 decision over the Springfield Isotopes, holds down top spot for another week; we're content to be playing .722 ball so far. AGF made up a lot of ground with a 9-1 thumping of Baird Brain, and the Horse Field Hammers continued their great start. Last year's cellar-dwellers defeated Garces_not_on_roids 7-5; Geoff has a lot more support for Barry Bonds in his lineup that the Giants do. Big move of the week was the Eastern Shore Birds, who swatted Red Mosquitos 10-1 to vault into a sixth-place tie.
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