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We're now down to eight teams battling it out for the coveted prize: a golden trophy with lots of flags and stuff...
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This is the first of a few "you be the general manager" questions we can debate over the next few weeks.  Today's subject is Josh Johnson.  News came out today that Josh has just had surgery on his elbow to remove bone spurs.  The Jays have until just after the world series to decide whether to offer Johnson a qualifying offer.  That basically means Johnson will earn approx. $14M next season.

The Jays originally intended to have Johsnon get healthy right around now and then for them to watch him throw to evaluate whether to offer to re-sign him.  This surgery now eliminates that approach by the Jays.

The story suggests James Andrews saying that the bone spurs were the reason JJ didn't pitch well this year.  Do we believe that or is JJ's agent trying to talk up his client for more money?

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We're not happy.
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Oh, seriously. You're going to make mistakes. You're young.
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Round two of the first meaningful SkyDome finale since 1996. Maybe it would be a bit more exciting if the Jays were playing for something more than pride themselves, but high-stakes baseball sure beats exhibition games. And I doubt many Toronto fans have compunctions about spoiling the Rays' season just for the hell of it.
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We are here at the final three games of the 2013 regular season, still with much to be decided as far as postseason baseball goes.
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The long day wanes...
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I caught up with Doug Davis today as he arrived in Toronto for the Webster Award ceremonies this weekend.  Those of you at the Jays games today and tomorrow will see the Jays present end of year awards to scouts and players.
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Mark Buehrle finishes his 2013 season as does Miguel Gonzalez in another means nothing game.

Newly signed Ryan Langerhans is in the Blue Jay lineup, Adam Lind is not.  Moises Sierra is back in there, Rajai Davis is missing, his wife was due to give birth today.  The Toronto Star had a feature today on all the new babies for the Blue Jay players.  Davis, Neil Wagner, Aaron Loup and Adam Lind ( a while ago).  I think that was it.

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The Orioles were eliminated from playoff contention last night so today and tomorrow's games "don't matter".  The Jays are still in the running for a top ten draft pick and they are one win short of their win total in 2012. 

Esmil Rogers will pitch against Bud Norris tonight.

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The final stop on the final road trip takes us to scenic Camden Yards,  just in time for the Orioles to be eliminated from post-season contention.
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Baseball America started rolling out their league top 20's yesterday, the first Blue Jay relevant list comes out today with the GCL.
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Today's game thread is a makeup thread featuring a one game series in Chicago.  JA Happ faces off against Jose Quintana before the Jays fly to Baltimore for their last road series of the season.
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John Farrell's Red Sox are the first AL team to clinch a spot in the post-season, so this could be a relaxing weekend for all concerned.
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The Yankees still have a glimmer of hope for the wild card, even though they lost against the Red Sox they are still just 2.5 games out of the wild card. They continue to be hit by injuries, Derek Jeter is out for the season, Brett Gardner might only be able to run and A-Rod has been in and out of the lineup with various leg issues.

Meanwhile on the Jays side of the ledger, will Edwin be back with his sore wrist? Will Colby Rasmus' body be healed? Moises Sierra has been the hot hand, can he keep it going? Meanwhile the Ryan Goins for 2013 train has derailed, how many games will he start?

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