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Sportsnet is reporting that Jesse Litsch is going to the DL with his strained right forearm. Lefty reliever Bill Murphy will be coming up from Las Vegas to take his spot on the active roster.
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Curt Schilling has thrown his last pitch.  The 42 year-old announced his retirement on his blog today after 20 seasons in the bigs.
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Spring is almost here, which means it’s not only time for a new Blue Jay season, but it’s also time for another Toronto Bauxite Baseball League season. This year will mark TBBL’s fourth season and I am pleased to bring you this message from league organizer Mike K. As a former (and hopefully future) TBBL participant I can thoroughly vouch for the league and the work done by the various individuals behind the scenes, as I’m sure many other Bauxites can.
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The Washington Nationals will be looking for a new general manager.  The Associated Press says Jim Bowden has stepped down as federal investigators are looking into the club's alleged skimming of signing bonuses given to Latin American prospects.

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On a heads-up by bauxite timpinder, says center fielder Vernon Wells has pulled his left hamstring and is expected to miss at least a month.  Yes, it is the same hamstring he pulled last season.

UPDATE - The Associated Press says Wells is now expected to miss two weeks with the worst-case scenario being he'll have to DH on Opening Day.

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According to a Sports Illustrated report, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003.

Update (Monday): In an interview with Peter Gammons, A-Rod admitted to using steroids from 2001-2003.
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Eight years, $180 million to become the third-highest-paid player on his own team. has the details.

And be sure to read the incredibly amusing announcement on this news from the greatness that is Jamey Newberg, pasted within ...

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Proving that he's willing to trump news even from his own clients, Scott Boras today leaked the fact that Monday, Greg Maddux will announce his retirement from major league baseball.

A decent argument can be put forth that Maddux has been the greatest starting pitcher in major league baseball history. Where would you rank him?

Jays owner Ted Rogers died at his home last night.  He was 75.

From The Globe: "He was this country's version of Steve Jobs, a technology entrepreneur who was down but never out, who unabashedly loved gadgetry, who had a huge, resilient ego, who made life hell for his executives but could evoke great loyalty–and who triumphed over naysayers to become the second wealthiest Canadian with a personal net worth estimated at more than $7-billion."

The Star also has a photo tribute.

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No real surprises here. Well, maybe that Maddon wasn't unanimous, but still ...

Oh, and that Matt Holliday trade finally happened, for real this time.

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