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The winter meetings are over.  The Jays did a few minor moves, the Red Sox some major ones. 
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Mariners, Blue Jays Swap Michael Saunders, J.A. Happ. Another Canadian here, and we lose an expensive #5/6 starter.
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All of the awards are out now.  From MVP (at last) Mike Trout to the managers of the year.  How did the Jays do? Not so good, but no shock although some surprises.
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The St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants are one win away from joining baseball's final four as they host Game 4 of their respective National League Division Series.
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One of the game's most famous and most remarkable records has now stood for exactly one hundred years. (Well, now it's one hundred and three...)
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Your 2014 Toronto Blue Jays appear to be set now, unless a trade happens.
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Quiet for the Jays right now - 2 new catchers and a reliever with a catcher and reliever going away.  Other teams are busy, but AA has been far quieter than normal.  What else is going on and what should AA do from here on out?
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RA Dickey edged out Mark Buehrle and Doug Fister for the pitchers Gold Glove.  The first time a Jays pitcher has won one.
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We are here at the final three games of the 2013 regular season, still with much to be decided as far as postseason baseball goes.
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As another baseball postseason without the Blue Jays approaches, let's take a break from the axe grinding world of our team and think about some of the other squadrons around the league.

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The Jays have made a stack of September call-ups.  No shockers, but a few headscratchers.
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Yeah, it is a quiet time right now.  Colby Rasmus signs for another year, avoiding arbitration.  Adam Loewen signs up for another tour of the Jays minor leagues. 
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Maicer Izturis. AA signed him today to a 3 year deal plus an option year (he does love having options) for $3 million per year.
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Ben Francisco hardly got into a game during his half-season in Toronto. Nevertheless, hes starting in right field for the Tampa Bay Rays as they squaring off against the White Sox in Chicago, facing elimination. The Rays have handed the ball to David Price, while the White Sox, currently two games behind the Tigers in the AL Central, are starting Jose Quintana. The Tigers are in Minnesota with Anibal Sanchez and Liam Hendriks on the mound.
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Because when you've lost seven straight and 10 of 11, nothing helps you right the ship like a trip to New Yankee Stadium.
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