Griffin's Fine Whine

Wednesday, October 30 2002 @ 05:49 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

It's too bad about Griff. He used to be a funny guy. Dennis Martinez once strained his shoulder carrying his suitcase through a lobby; Richard (then Expos' PR wit) told the media it was "Samsonitis." Here's the link to his column about LaRussa, who has now lost more playoff series than he's won, and was embarrassed by Dusty Baker.

Re "the loud, but underachieving centrefielder" -- many GMs and most sabermetricians failed Baseball Chemistry 101. The often-bickering Giants may have won because they are less dysfunctional than the Cards, but that's not only Edmonds' fault; Vina's been a saboteur with his feet and his glove, and is a bit of a jerk. I think St. Loo honoured #57 sufficiently by getting this far. They're a #2 starter and a slugging 1B away from winning it all, and maybe it's time for a less "cerebral" manager. Tony's massive brain is getting tired. How does a PH on the bench feel watching Morris hit in the ninth? He'd be saying "c'mon, Matty" while contemplating managericide. What's that? No pinch-hitters because TLR carries three catchers and umpteen pitchers? Oh. Never mind...

Today, to be fair, I enjoyed Mr. Griffin's endorsement of Bonds, not Santiago, as MVP of the NLCS. I'd go so far as to give Barry's looming presence some credit for Aurilia seeing fastballs down the middle. He's no Garret Anderson (now) in LF or on the bases, but is obviously why the Giants are still playing, no thanks to the slumping second baseman.

Harder to determine the Angels' MVP because they have half a dozen deserving candidates. The only way SF can win is to beat Washburn; if Anaheim wins the opening game, the Series could be short and sweet. I'll be surprised if any Giants starter can quiet the red bats. I'm appalled at "K-Rod" catching on for Frankie Rodriguez. Both F-Rods will figure in the outcome of a few games, and Felix has that Billy Koch knack of hitting bats with a 99-mph heater.

For laughs, check out the Primey discussion over at BP; Primates are debating the nature of the "best of" award and nominating candidates. Follow the links. Do not ingest liquids.

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