Star Trying To Buy Jays?

Wednesday, October 30 2002 @ 05:52 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

I don't mean Carlos Delgado, but the Toronto Star, which must have a hidden agenda to keep so many writers busy spreading misinformation and unwarranted criticism of the Blue Jays. The chief curmudgeons have been columnists Richard Griffin and Dave Perkins, but Geoff Baker's fact average normally hovers near the Mendoza line, and he cribbed his recent Keith Law essay from the New Yorker like a high schooler facing a deadline. Today it's Allan Ryan, whose "by the numbers" pieces are usually recycled from Jayson Stark's work on ESPN, telling us about catastrophic financial losses suffered by the team.

I got as far as the second paragraph, in which Rogers Communications is described as a "minority" owner -- wishful thinking? -- before choking on my breakfast. (Though not all his shareholders are pleased, Ted owns 80%.) Ryan, supposedly a journalist, accepts the MLB party line (teams are all on the brink of collapse because of those greedy players) and reports it as news. I suppose he buys cars from Bud Selig and art from Jeffrey Loria, because they're so trustworthy.

Exactly how much the Jays lost in 2002, we'll never know, because accountants can 'prove' Baffin Island is more populated than Toronto. The club had to pay millions to mediocre and/or departed players, coaches, scouts and a manager, the currency exchange is crippling, broadcast revenues are down, and they didn't draw enough fans. Their biggest problem is not owning the SkyDome, so they get shortchanged on income from parking and concessions. I'm reminded of Wayne Huizenga's alleged $35 million deficit the year his Marlins won it all; the garbage tycoon conveniently forgot that his "other" business, Pro Player Stadium Inc., made more than twice that much.

Ignore cries of poverty from owners, disbelieve figures not from an independent auditor, and assume the Star boys are lazy, dumb or trying to devalue the franchise for their own devious purposes.

(transferred; posted Oct. 17)