Expos Fire Sale

Saturday, December 07 2002 @ 05:43 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

In his latest column, Peter Gammons credits Tony Tavares for freezing an already chilly market by announcing the Expos were selling everybody -- not just Vazquez, as discussed in BB #78, but Colon, Vidro and Guerrero.

One interesting tidbit: "The Indians likely will not play on (Sean) Casey now they have Travis Hafner, and while trying to work a three-way to get Felipe Lopez from Toronto (which entails acquiring Tony Armas or some similar pitcher for the Jays)".

I think Shapiro beat his former boss Hart like a rented mule in acquiring Hafner for Einar Diaz (I do not profess to know which side got the better of Myette-Drese, the pitching component of the deal) but this is the first mention of Cleveland's interest in Lopez. As always with P.G., consider the source.