Chris Carpenter leaves Blue Jays

Thursday, December 12 2002 @ 06:39 AM EST

Contributed by: Craig B

Chris Carpenter decided this afternoon to reject the Jays' contract offer.

No word yet on where he may end up. This move was, of course, widely anticipated.

Carpenter's stats with the Jays belie the tremendous potential he flashed while with the club, and I think he will be missed, particularly by his fellow "scruffy" types such as myself. (Just kidding Sean).

Poor Jordan is going to have to change his sponsorship message on baseball-reference. Actually, the list of "Most Similar Players Through Age 27" on baseball-reference is interesting, as it shows two pretty good endpoints fo Carpenter's likely development. If things go well from here, he could have Todd Stottlemyre's career. If things go badly... well, even so, I don't think he'll be as bad as Lima-Time.