No Ortiz for You!

Tuesday, December 17 2002 @ 12:08 PM EST

Contributed by: Jordan

Well, we can officially scotch the Russ-Ortiz-to-Toronto rumours: the Giants just dealt him to the Braves for another guy I rather liked: Damian Moss, plus a minor leaguer. Frankly, it seems like an odd deal for the Braves: why did Atlanta want to add an older pitcher with a higher price tag and worrisome peripherals when they already had one in Moss? In any event, there go two potential trading partners in one swell foop.

So, we'd best start cooking up some different Jose-Cruz-for-pitching rumours to keep us going. As is so often the case, this deal was foreseen by no one and came out of the blue. Rumours are great fun, but that's all they are.