Level of Excellence

Wednesday, December 18 2002 @ 06:11 AM EST

Contributed by: Craig B

I will try to get another book review up in the next day or two. In the meantime, since we're in the silly season, what better silliness to contemplate than the Blue Jays' horribly-named "Level of Excellence"?

Currently, there are five members:

George Bell
Dave Stieb
Joe Carter
Cito Gaston
Tony Fernandez

Certainly all worthy of being honoured for their contributions to the team, in my opinion; while none of these players should go into the Hall of Fame in my opinion, they were all excellent players in considerable time with the club.

Who else would everyone like to see inducted? Personally, I would like to see Tom Henke honoured. A mavelous player, and apparently a gentleman of the old-fashioned kind, I think that the fans have very warm memories of Henke.

Beyond Henke, there aren't too many I would like to see added. Jimmy Key is certainly an option, and I suppose you could have an Ernie Whitt love-in, but "Excellence" is a bit much for Ernie.