Can't Teach an Old Griffin New Tricks

Saturday, December 21 2002 @ 10:50 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

Richard Griffin gets off a great line with which I completely agree -- "The owners have recorded a TKO to run their record as organized labour pugilists to 1-13-1" -- and takes only a few backhanded swipes at J.P., applying the "genius" tag with little enthusiasm and a hint of sarcasm. The usual resentment and envy seeps in there, no doubt unintentionally. It suits R.G.'s purposes to feel sorry for Jose Cruz, but mostly he's upset that he didn't get a scoop in advance of the move.

There's some useful stuff in this column, too, like a summary of the Jays' payroll savings under Ricciardi. But when it's time to list the incoming and outgoing Jays in the J.P. era, Griffin resorts to the same underhanded sleight-of-truth he's used before -- arbitrarily drawing the transaction line at Opening Day 2002 instead of four months earlier, when the GM took over. Why? So Hinske doesn't "count" as an acquisition; that would ruin the effect of the propaganda. Only about 90% of fans won't notice the omission, but he can't fool us in the Batter's Box with that garbage.