What the Hall?

Monday, January 06 2003 @ 11:02 AM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

It's that time again ... the 2003 Hall of Fame inductees will be announced tomorrow. There are 33 eligible candidates on this year's ballot, ranging (alphabetically speaking) from Bert Blyleven to Todd Worrell. Who gets in? Or, more specifically, who gets your vote?

Don't want to re-hash the flood of arguments about who should get in, or the watering down of Hall quality, or (god forbid) Pete Rose. Just want to share my ballot as it would look if the Hall came to its senses and gave me a vote.

No explanations offered ... just a ballot. Remember, you can only vote for 10; and yes, I am pretty liberal in that I think there are more than 10 worthy candidates. Please note, though, that I do show some discrimination -- even as a New York guy, neither Mattingly nor Hernandez get in through my gate. Two of these guys might well go in as Expos, incidentally.

Again, listed alphabetically:

Bert Blyleven

Gary Carter

Andre Dawson

Tommy John

Jim Kaat

Jack Morris

Eddie Murray

Ryne Sandberg

Bruce Sutter

Alan Trammell

As soon as Sutter gets in:

Rich Gossage

Lee Smith

Not quite makin' it, so says me:

Brett Butler

Vince Coleman

Dave Concepcion

Darren Daulton

Mark Davis

Sid Fernandez

Steve Garvey

Keith Hernandez

Rick Honeycutt

Danny Jackson

Darryl Kile

Don Mattingly

Dale Murphy

Dave Parker

Tony Pena

Jim Rice

Danny Tartabull

Murphy, Parker and Rice were the toughest "no" votes. And I wish I could vote for Ron Santo.