A Griffin You Can Support

Tuesday, January 07 2003 @ 03:31 AM EST

Contributed by: Jordan

At long last, it's official: the Blue Jays welcomed the prodigal John-Ford Griffin today. The outfield prospect was dealt to Toronto from Oakland in exchange for long-time Blue Jays farmhand Playertoo B. Namedlater.

Opinions vary on Griffin -- mine is probably the least positive, since I see his top upside as Paul O'Neill (hopefully without the personality), and his downside as the guy Paulie was infamously traded for, Hal Morris. That's not a range that gets me excited, but he still should be a useful player for the Jays, at least. And if he outstrips this projection, so much the very better.

Who will head west in return? No indication yet, but no doubt that will be released soon. One more detail out of the way, and the reconstruction continues apace.