Kids Today

Monday, February 24 2003 @ 09:13 AM EST

Contributed by: Jordan

It's been said before, but baseball players are people just like you and me --- albeit with a lot more earning power and maybe a few of the personality quirks that come with great gifts and a lot of attention at an early age. Further in that vein, we have Justin Miller and Orlando Hudson, two young men whom the Jays are counting on to continue their development both on the field and off.

Miller, apparently, is an aficionado of the tattoo, and showed up to spring training adorned with body art applied by a neighbour back home. Justin's still young, so maybe it hasn't quite clicked with him yet that every time he pitches poorly and is driven from a game by the opposing batters, he can expect to hear things like "The Angels really tattooed Justin Miller tonight." I seem to recall a backup catcher for Toronto several years ago who had a Jays logo inked into one of his buttocks, which was fine up until the team released him a few months later.

Then there's Hudson, a man slightly more seasoned in what can happen when youthful exuberance is amplified by mass media. A year after the now-tiresome "pimp" comment, Orlando is making the right call by refusing to discuss it any further. He's had some media and PR training since then, and it shows. He's also planning to organize a bowling tournament for autistic children, a subject he's familiar with, since two of his cousins suffer from the syndrome. Good for him.