Hudson's Stay

Tuesday, March 11 2003 @ 09:34 AM EST

Contributed by: Jordan

Another good-news piece on Orlando Hudson, this time from Jeff Blair at the Globe & Mail. While it makes regrettable reference to The Comment, it's a good piece showing the positive contrast in both Hudson and his teammates between last year and this year. It also demonstrates that JP and the O-Dawg are on good terms and that Ricciardi appears to have no plans to move Hudson at the moment.

The Jays' middle-infield plans might have gotten a bit of a jolt this week with the eye-opening play of 2002 first-round pick Russ Adams, who showed terrific bat control and a workable defensive skill set that could be improved. The idea had been that Adams would move to second, where his range and arm are better suited; add this to Dominic Rich's presence, and you can see why O-Dawg trade rumours are so common. But if Adams proves himself capable of playing shortstop at the major-league level, presenting the possibility of an Adams-Hudson DP combo through 2006, then the organization could end up with a multiplicity of nice options.