1st Annual BBFL Draft

Monday, March 17 2003 @ 02:21 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

The 20 owners participating in the Batter's Box Fantasy League are anxiously awaiting our draft Thursday evening. This thread will be of little interest to anyone else, but it's offered as a place to ask questions about the rules, get advice if you're new to Yahoo draft procedures, and talk a little trash.

Each team plays every other team once, going head-to-head in the 12 categories. Since our regular season is 22 weeks long, you'll play your first three opponents again in August. Here's the schedule for Week One:

Toronto Walrus
Nation Builders

Red Mosquitos
Geoffs Grumpy Group

Hannibals Cannibals

Billies Bashers

gashouse gorillas
K-Town Mashers

Reykjavik Fish Candy
Eastern Shore Birds

Chatsworth Halos
Jicks Rays

Springfield Isotopes
Mebion Glyndwr

Baird Brain

Sub-Urban Shockers
Moscow Rats

Thanks again to Mike Hansen (Springfield) for providing the Jays T-shirt, complete with Ricciardi and Tosca autographs, as our prize.

The draft order will be randomized by Yahoo; once that's done (between 9:00 and 9:15 pm EST on Thursday) the Draft Room will open. It should be all over by about 11:45, possibly sooner, if most of us are there and we make prompt selections. You have "only" 90 seconds to pick, which doesn't sound like much, but it's a long time for everyone else to wait. Suggestions about courtesy: have your next choice(s) queued up and be ready when it's your turn. If you are attending the draft, but get called away by a phone call or household emergency, please click the "I'm Away" box so the auto-pilot choice will be made promptly, instead of wasting the entire minute and a half.

The Constitution was passed, but the keeper rules still could be amended. For now, it's any four players, and you must keep four (fewer would make it very complicated to draft on Yahoo). Other wrinkles -- trading of future draft picks, a farm system -- could be implemented for next year, but that would require a permanent League Secretary to keep reliable records. Also we would need a pay stats service, and a 2 1/2 hour draft would be impossible. There's no rush to decide anything, but this is an appropriate place for suggestions.