Loose Ends

Thursday, March 20 2003 @ 09:15 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

The Cat came back, the very next day... Frank Catalanotto would have been the DH tonight against the Phillies if it wasn't NL rules; he'll be in the lineup tomorrow. Speaking of sore backs, it's getting harder every spring on an old coach's body to run two-hour pitching, catching and bunting clinics, but the 2003 Ursula Franklin Academy Flames are looking good. Thanks to UFA alum James Tran, a former captain who played eight positions for us, now the 3B at York, for dropping by to help. Needing to quench my thirst and "treat" my various aches and pains after practice (I recommend ice to my players) I headed to a downtown pub, where Jordan -- conveniently in town for the day -- and Craig joined me in an important BB summit. We decided we're having fun with the site, and agreed to continue doing so. Meeting adjourned, we ordered another round. There will eventually be a Batter's Box night at a game, but we're still not sure of the best time to do it, so stay tuned.

Carlos Delgado likes the Hinske/Wells deals. Pete Walker and Trever Miller didn't have their best stuff yesterday in a 4-4 tie with the D-Rays, but Vernon Wells went deep and O-Dawg is on fire, now hitting .429 and slugging .762 for the spring. Looking at the Jays' Grapefruit League stats so far, I'm most impressed with the strikeout/walk ratios of a number of pitchers: Politte (10/1), Lopez (11/2), Halladay (6/0, prior to a 5-6 inning start this evening), Trever Miller (7/0), Sturtze (6/0) and Thurman (6/1) are having great springs.

The BBFL draft is tonight; as your Commish, I'll be there from whenever the draft room opens until the last pick is made. Good luck to all.