Zombie-like Cult

Friday, March 28 2003 @ 08:15 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

That's what Richard Griffin calls the "statistical seamheads" who approve of the J.P. Jays.

In today's column, Griffin proposes that Raul Mondesi's "deterrent" arm is more valuable than Frank Catalanotto's bat. Of course, if and when it suits him, Rich will notice the difference in run production, and praise Cat's positive influence in the clubhouse, compared to the distraction of Mondesi (and his posse). How long do you think it would take Brian Cashman to agree to a Cat-for-Mondesi deal? The scary thing is, the baseball columnist for Canada's largest paper would make that offer. Appalling ignorance.

Second-guessing the decision to carry just three OF (Griffin, taking another swipe, calls Cat an infielder and says it's only two) is appropriate -- it's an unusual strategy that could indeed backfire. However, there will be changes made; the Jays have simply selected the best 25 for the opening series or two, not carved the roster in stone for the entire season. I'm still advising Ken Huckaby and Doug Linton to rent by the week in Toronto.