Nice Grab, J.P.

Saturday, March 29 2003 @ 09:13 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

Steve Z. broke this news in another thread yesterday -- the Jays claimed RH reliever Kevin Frederick off waivers from the Twins. This should have an immediate, positive impact on the Syracuse bullpen. Frederick had 22 SV in AAA last year, was called up to the Show three different times, and was nearly unhittable in 2001. Considering there's no timetable for Bob File's return, and some of the organization's relievers will be converted starters -- Vinny Chulk and Mike Smith, last I heard -- it's a great move. No risk, high upside. And as Casey might have said, you can never have enough switch-hitting pitchers.

The Jays also signed RHP Dan Reichert, who has never measured up to expectations. The Royals and D-Rays have both given up on him, but they're not famous for astute personnel decisions or patient player development, so who knows? Together, the additions of Reichert (a reclamation project with terrible stats) and Frederick (who looks great on a spreadsheet) underline the flexibility of Ricciardi's philosophy.