New "Hot Topics" List

Wednesday, April 02 2003 @ 05:43 AM EST

Contributed by: Coach

I'm very happy to announce the latest improvement to Batter's Box, courtesy of our technical guru Gwyn Price. On the sidebar, the formerly useless "20 Hot Topics" segment has been changed; it no longer shows the articles (active or ancient) in order of total comments. Instead, it lists the most recently active threads, plus the time of the latest comment!

This will save time when you visit the site. No matter when you last checked in, you'll be able to see what you've missed, at a glance. It's going to be especially helpful for Internet Explorer users, as the other trick we "borrowed" from Sean Forman of Baseball Primer works only in other browsers.

There will be a few growing pains with this feature; if you had bookmarked BB including the former index.htm home page, that link won't work and you'll get a 404 Error. The "new" home page is index.shtml -- however, if your bookmark just points to, it should be fine. Also, there is no automatic refresh function yet, so don't be surprised if there's a delay before the list gets updated. We have put in a request to Rogers, our Web host, to automate it every five minutes, but that won't take effect for a few days. For now, the BB authors will take turns running the update script manually.

I'm so happy with this, I'm going to move it higher up on the page. Bear with us if there's some unusual activity or the site seems a bit slow; it does take some time to rebuild Greymatter after making changes. Awesome work, Gwyn. We're doubling your salary.