Advance Scout: Twins, April 4-6

Friday, April 04 2003 @ 11:11 AM EST

Contributed by: Mike D

Welcome to the first installment of Advance Scout.

I figure we here at BB can look up stats -- especially the zombies among us -- and pitching probables on our own. My job will be to provide anecdotal reports, combined with probable batting orders and bullpen usages. Enjoy the weekend series, though the Twins aren't looking like a team ready to cut the Jays any breaks after the Yankees debacle this week.

On Opening Day, Brad Radke threw "about as well as you can throw a baseball," according to Ron Gardenhire, who said that Radke was furious at being lifted in the 7th in the Twins' 3-1 win over the Tigers...Joe Mays was also "very bitter" about being taken out in the sixth in a blowout win over the Tigers on Wednesday; Gardenhire simply said that he had "seen enough" of Mays and was satisfied he was healthy...Jeremy Bonderman described the Twins as a "good fastball-hitting team," so maybe Doc's deuce won't be as much to their liking...Jacque Jones went long and short Wednesday, with a home run and bunt single in the same game...Kyle Lohse retired his first 16 batters on Thursday, and survived Gardenhire's hook until he was through eight...Lohse worked quickly enough that his performance, aided greatly by no walks allowed, was the driving force behind Thursday's game lasting not a minute more than two hours...Manitoba's Corey Koskie, an outstanding defensive third baseman, sat out Monday and was replaced defensively by Denny Hocking in the late innings on both Wednesday and Thursday due to a sore back...Eddie Guardado was a college teammate of Coach's favourite Blue Jay -- Ken Huckaby -- and vociferously defended Huckaby's collision with Derek Jeter as a "good, hard play"...Mop-up man Tony Fiore is the only Twin reliever not to make an appearance, and given his role, he says he doesn't mind if he never has to pitch...Gardenhire, that noted disease control expert, says he hopes the team doesn't make the trip to SkyDome next weekend "[i]f that [SARS] stuff is in Toronto."

Probable Batting Order (Note: this is against righthanded pitching, since Hendrickson is not scheduled to make a start.)

7 Jones
6 Guzman
8 Hunter
5 Koskie
DH LeCroy/Kielty
3 Mientkiewicz
9 Cuddyer/Mohr
2 Pierzynski
4 Rivas/C Gomez

Bullpen Usage

Long: Fiore R
Short: Santana L, Fetters R
Setup: Romero L, Hawkins R
Closer: Guardado L