Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 11:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: Jordan

Browsing through the magazine rack at my local newsstand, I came across a really interesting publication called Legal Affairs, published by Yale Law School. Well, okay, interesting to me as a law magazine editor, but it's unique among such periodicals because it's aimed towards and accessible to both lawyers and non-lawyers. It wasn't the law angle that grabbed my attention, though, but a teaser line on the cover: "Are baseball players underpaid?"

This is the article that produced that headline, and it's quite a good read. Written with a lot more sophistication about the game than one would expect from a legal journalist, "Lowball" hammers the arbitration system, arguing (correctly) that it has come to unfairly penalize the rank-and-file players at the expense of the stars. Touching on everything from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to the Kevin Millwood giveaway, it's a sharp little piece that I thought would be of interest to Boxers, legal and otherwise.