Notes : Paging Allan Travers...

Thursday, June 05 2003 @ 09:34 AM EDT

Contributed by: Craig B

In case anyone has missed it, the Diamondbacks pitching staff is looking a lot like an army in full retreat. Their list of wounded, walking or not, keeps growing. Mike Koplove has had a cortisone injection two days ago, so did Matt Mantei (did the D-Backs get the 2-for-1 Cortisone Injection Special at Joe's Auto-Lube and Cortisone?) Randy Johnson is apparently looking to have artificial cartilage injected into his knee (I think Joe's will take care of that too). Curt Schilling has a busted hand - from two line drives, of course, and not from punching cameras. Brandon Webb is just getting back, after a tendinitis bout. Brett Prinz has an injured groin, but he's coming back soon. So how's this for a super rotation - Elmer Dessens, Miguel Batista, John Patterson, Edgar Gonzalez, and Andrew Good. And Batista is even going to be throwing out of the bullpen between starts, they are so hard up for pitching.

The Twins have called up Michael Nakamura from AAA Rochester, where he's been doing his Johan Santana impression. 21 relief appearances, 40.2 innings (love those long relievers), 32 hits, 55 strikeouts and only 8 walks, one lone home run and a 2.01 ERA. Sure, it's a pitcher's park, but those are some serious numbers. He had a very good spring too.

Mark Wohlers is almost certainly done for the year. His grafted elbow ligament (from his Tommy John surgery) has sheared loose... it might reattach itself with rest, but if not he'll have surgery in August. It never gets any easier for Wohlers, who's had one setback after another.

Gabe Kapler was the unlucky exile from the Hitter's Paradise when Greg Vaughn was called up to the Rockies from Colorado Springs. Now the Rox are talking deal with anyone and everyone; is Kapler the new Bruce Chen, the guy with so much apparent talent who just can't put it together on the field, that everyone has to audition once?

Finally, for those who weren't reading the agate type this morning, the Jeffrey Hammonds Saga may be at an end. Once you're released by the Brewers, there's no further you can sink, is there? Anyway, expect Hammonds to be in an Orioles uniform by Monday. The Saga has ended... let the farce begin!