Rotating Rotation

Tuesday, June 10 2003 @ 01:14 AM EDT

Contributed by: Jordan

The Jays' starting rotation, be it five-man or four-man, figures to see major changes in the immediate future, says the Toronto Sun. Halladay is confirmed as the ace, Lidle will provide useful innings, and Escobar will be in the rotation until he's dealt or his arm falls off. But Mark Hendrickson has been getting lit up lately (13 runs in his last 2 starts, 29 hits in his last 18 IP), and Doug Davis has been tentative and has gone 6 innings just once since his wins over Anaheim. Tanyon Sturtze apparently isn't going to a second chance as a starter, so Corey Thurman's name is now bring floated as the next candidate.

Those who read my dispatch from Thurman's last AAA start know that I came away less than impressed, but in truth, his mediocre start against the Lynx broke a string of solid outings throughout mid-May and June. Is he ready for the big leagues? I think he's about as ready now as he would be in August, but not as ready as he'd be next April. But Toronto needs starting help now, and Corey's education can continue at the major-league level without too much disruption. If he comes up now, don't expect miracles -- but do expect to see a better pitcher than either of the two lefties he could displace.