Around the First Turn: Anderson for Andujar?

Saturday, May 01 2004 @ 02:18 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Last year was the year of the Marlins. This year, could it be the year of the Marlon? Ten members of the Batter's Box roster have cast their first monthly ballots in tracking progress for the eventual presentation of the 2004 Andujar Award. While 29 players received mention -- exactly half of the 58 who were "nominated" in various pre-season discussions on Da Box -- only one player was on all 10 ballots.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your May 1 Andujar Leader ... Marlon Anderson. While the 10 first-place votes were split among six players, with nobody receiving more than two, Anderson nabbed 83 of a possible 100 points in this first in-season survey.

The details of where the '04 Andujars stand ...

Note: The number following each player's name is the number of points earned in the balloting, based on a 10-9-8-7 basis. The number of first place votes a player received, if any, is indicated parenthetically following the point total. These results are provided without editorial commentary -- that's up to you.

Not familiar with the Andujars? Meet the '03 winner and catch up on how it works.

May 1 Voting
1. Marlon Anderson: 83 (2)
2. Paul Abbott: 58 (1)
3. Todd Walker: 56 (2)
4. Scott Spiezio: 52
5. John Thomson: 48 (2)
6. Braden Looper: 34
7. Ronnie Belliard: 28 (2)
8. Matt Stairs: 24
9. Cory Lidle: 22
10t. Henry Blanco: 17 (1)
10t. Brad Fullmer: 17
10t. Dave Burba: 17

Others Receiving Votes:
Todd Hollandsworth 14; Danys Baez 12; Royce Clayton 12; Jeff Suppan 9; Tony Graffanino 7; Shane Spencer 6; Ismael Valdes 6; Terry Adms 5; Donovan Osborne 4; Esteban Yan 4; Jeff Suppan 4; Karim Garcia 4; Mike Jackson 3; Cliff Politte 3; Aaron Fultz 3; Kerry Ligtenberg 1; Todd Jones 1.

Looking Back: Pre-Season Top 10
1. Jay Payton
2. John Thomson
3. Brett Tomko
4. Brad Fullmer
5. Todd Greene
6. Jeff Suppan
7. Kerry Ligtenberg
8. Danys Baez
9. Jason Johnson
10. Matt Stairs

Pre-Season Nominees Receiving No Votes:
Jay Payton, Brett Tomko, Todd Greene, Jason Johnson, Jeff Fassero, Turk Wendell, Miguel Batista, Kelvim Escobar, Steve Sparks, Sidney Ponson, Jose Lima, Orber Moreno, Adrian Hernandez, Chris Hammond, Sterling Hitchcock, Mike Myers, Damian Moss, John Halama, Pokey Reese, Lou Merloni, Olmedo Saenz, Todd Zeile, Eric Karros, Mark McLemore, Randall Simon, Chris Stynes, Rod Barajas, Mark Bellhorn, Jose Cruz Jr.

There it is, Boxers. Fire away.