Some Pictures

Friday, July 30 2004 @ 01:27 AM EDT

Contributed by: Named For Hank

Thanks to our own Coach and Will "The Thrill" Hill of the Jays, I had a photographic press pass to last Friday's game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

I decided to have some fun with it, and brought with me a pretty oddball rig for shooting baseball, including a beautiful vintage lens I had to talk my way into being allowed to rent from Vistek. Chuck, who's the official photographer for the Jays, grinned at my "bottomless pit" of a bag and said he hadn't seen that much black and white film in one pile in over a decade.

I had a blast, shot a ton of film, and did much better than on my initial foray into the camera bay back in April.

If anyone has any questions, technical or otherwise, please ask away.