Cheer Club vs. the Yankees: Yankees lose

Thursday, August 26 2004 @ 11:46 AM EDT

Contributed by: Named For Hank

Okay, some of us already really dislike the Yankees. For those of you teetering on the edge, or even those of you who (gasp) like the Yankees, this might swing you into our camp:

Tonight we were having a really grand Cheer Club session. Best attendance in ages, a responsive crowd, and Alex was on fire playing the drum. He really brought it. But then in the third inning, a uniformed police officer approached us and said that we had to stop playing. He didn't know why, he just knew that we had to.

We did. It didn't make us very happy. We kept pressing for a reason why today was different from, say, yesterday, or the other couple of dozen times we've brought the drum to the Dome.

Well, we got our answer in the ninth inning: the Yankees complained.

That's right, the millionaires couldn't take an unfriendly crowd. The mighty New York Yankees would be unable to continue to play because ten guys in the upper deck were shouting and chanting and cheering and playing a drum.

Jeff DaVanon may have complained that we were distractingly loud, but at least he had the balls to play through it.

I'm still stunned by the whole thing, and I really don't know what else to say. Sorry, Mick, your Yankees are gutless whiners.