Cheer Club vs. Oakland

Friday, September 03 2004 @ 12:42 PM EDT

Contributed by: Named For Hank

Despite my sub-par showingupness against the Mariners (I came to one game, late, and ended up by myself because the CC snuck down), or perhaps because of it, I am coming to all three against Oakland.

Tonight sounds like a killer pitching matchup. I have no drum data yet, but as soon as I do I'll post it. I'll probably be bringing my Dad on Sunday for his birthday, so everyone needs to be prepared to make a lot of noise to impress him. I offered to get him better seats, but he wants to see this Cheer Club thing.

This morning was somewhat surreal at the Bagel Stop in Union Station. A couple of times a week I grab a bagel or coffee or both from them, and lately they've been bugging me about my hat. No one there is a native english-speaker, so I had never really had any further conversation with them beyond what kind of bagel I want and what I want on it.

Well, a couple of weeks ago one of the ladies said, "You like the Blue Jays," gesturing to my hat. I said yes. She gave me a grin and said "They lose a lot."

Since then, every time I come in and the Jays have lost the night before, she says, "They lose last night."

So, this morning as I'm ordering she asks, "They lose last night?" and the guy who runs the cash who never says, well, anything, says, "No, they win. Hudson home run." And he gives me a big grin and mimes a baseball swing. I go put a little milk in my coffee and when I come back to pick up my bagel the guy on the cash says, "I love Orlando Hudson. And Alex Rios. Love to watch them." And then he and I have a great half-mimed conversation about the exploits of the two of them this season and how much hope we have for the future of the team.

And that would have been hands-down the most surreal experience of the month for me if I hadn't walked past the elevator and seen two men on crutches, both with casts on their right foot and leg, one saying to the other, "Are you kidding? That's exactly what happened to me!"