Game 147: Devil Went Down to Skydome

Friday, September 17 2004 @ 06:48 AM EDT

Contributed by: Jordan

He was lookin' for a fourth-place finish.... Back in 1982, the Blue Jays finally escaped 7th place in the American League East when they tied for sixth with Cleveland. You can imagine that the Indians weren't really thrilled to be the team that the expansion Jays finally caught and eventually passed. Well, karma's gonna getcha, even if it takes 22 years, and now Toronto faces the prospect of being the team that the Devil Rays caught to finally get out of the AL East cellar. Josh Towers, returned from an injury timeout, and Doug Waechter hook up as mound opponents tonight, as Tampa Bay sets out to accomplish their first step towards franchise respectability. Three games up on the Jays and five back of Baltimore, the Rays have stars in their eyes. Can the Blue Jays keep them down?