Jays Roundup

Monday, October 04 2004 @ 09:11 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

  1. Remembering John Cerruti

  2. Recaps of Yankees 3 - Jays 2: Boxscore:

  3. Will John Gibbons be back as Manager?

  4. Will Delgado be back next year?

  5. Will Gregg Zaun be back next year?

  6. One person who won't be back is pitching coach Gil Patterson:

  7. Notes Columns:

  8. Like Chris Zelkovich I was happy to hear "Cheek end[s] season on positive note":

      On a tragic day that ended the most trying season in Blue Jays history, it was fitting that Tom Cheek closed things on a hopeful note.

      After telling listeners on the Jays radio network that ``we'll all get together (in Florida) in the spring and do it all over again," Cheek then added, ``I've got a feeling they're going to come back that much stronger next year."

      It was a note of encouragement that was sorely needed on a day like this during a season like this.

      News of the shocking death of Rogers Sportsnet analyst John Cerutti was not made public until after the game, but listeners needed at least to know that their rock, Tom Cheek, planned to be back next spring despite his battle with a malignant brain tumour. After 28 seasons and more than 4,000 games, Cheek is as much a part of this team as anyone.