QOTD: Warming Up in the Bullpen ...

Saturday, November 06 2004 @ 10:21 AM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Today is Justin Speier's 31st birthday. Yes, I remember when his daddy Chris was a young shortstop with the Giants. Do you? That is not today's Question of the Day.

Also having birthdays today: Trammell, Munson and D. Dean ... but in each case, not the one you're thinking of. Don't there seem to be lots of scrub-level ballplayers with Hall of Fame names? That is also not today's Question of the Day.

Finally, one last birthday wish ... he would have been 117 today ... the great right-hander, The Big Train, "Barney" ... Walter Johnson.

And that brings us to ...

Question of the Day: Who is the best pitcher you've ever seen in a live game? Try to give a non-Jay answer so we don't have 500 "Roy Halladay" and "Dave Steib" entries.

Personally, I had tickets to an Indians doubleheader in which past-their-primes Steve Carlton and Phil Niekro became the only 300-game winners in baseball history to start opposite ends of a twinbill, but my then-significant-other didn't want to go (yeah, that relationship didn't last). But my answer is still Niekro -- once a Jay, true, but he wasn't at the time -- on a different occasion.

Who's up next?