QOTD: Magic Numbers and Hall Passes

Tuesday, November 30 2004 @ 10:13 AM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

As you surely know by now (and as is being discussed on another thread, the new Hall of Fame ballot is out and the discussions have revved up around the usual suspects -- Blyleven, Sandberg, Trammell. Just one new name on the list: Wade Boggs.

Boggs, of course, made his name on stats -- seven straight 200-hit seasons, 3,010 career hits, .328 career batting average, etc. Do those numbers get him into the Hall of Fame, or if he had retired with 2,987 hits, would he be there anyway? We've looked at "number milestones and millstones" for Hall candidates before, such as in Mike Green's Hall Watch/1B: Fred McGriff thread. Which brings us to our Tuesday ...

Question of the Day: Are there any magic numbers left that "guarantee" Hall of Fame entry? Is 250 wins the new 300? Is 600 homers the new 500? Why isn't 3,000 strikeouts as sexy as 3,000 hits?(There are less than half as many pitchers with the former as hitters with the latter, 25-12). Do any career "counting stat" numbers punch the proverbial ticket to Cooperstown any more?