QOTD: Be Resolute on Someone Else's Behalf

Saturday, January 01 2005 @ 02:32 AM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Okay, as I write this, we're about 90 minutes into 2005 and hack journalists all over North America have filed the annual "I am going to be hung over tomorrow and won't want to write a column for the Sunday Sprorts section" New Year's Resolutions for Other People stories. That brings us to the year's first ...

Question of the Day: What resolutions should people associated with the Blue Jays -- management, players, media, fans, Box Roster, whoever -- be making for 2005? There are a couple of rules here; oh, and this can double as a "Make Your Own Roundup" thread, especially if you can find some of the aforementioned "New Year's Resolution" columns from sportswriters around the hemisphere.

Rule #1 ...

... Be. Nice. No "[Player Name] should resolve to stop sucking so much" fake resolutions.

2. Be realistic. No "J.P. Ricciardi should resolve to get his budget quadrupled and trade Eric Hinske for Barry Bonds" fake resolutions. On the other hand, "Eric Hinske should resolve to walk more and work on his gap doubles power" is both polite and realistic, if not necessarily likely. "O-Dog sbould resolve to make the All-Star team and finish in the top five of the AL MVP voting." is another good example of what to shoot for, although it doesn't really follow the next rule ...

3. Be specific. Name names; however, please note that any fake resolution deemed a personal attack or potentially libelous will be deleted; this will not be done lightly, so feel free to take your shots where you wish, but don't cross the line into just plain mean-spiritedness.

Be creative -- this group can certainly be far more creative than I have been so far here -- have fun ... and if in doubt, please see Rule #1.