QOTW/MYOR: Let's Play Two!

Saturday, January 08 2005 @ 01:26 AM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Barring major Delgado-to-the-Nippon-Ham-Fighters news, this thread will serve as the "Make Your Own Roundup" space for Saturday and Sunday; hence, "Let's Play Two." But given the speaker of that famous line, let's also toss out a perfunctory ...

Question of the Weekend: Ernie Banks was known as "Mr. Cub." We may have done something like this a long time ago (I can't remember, frankly), but let's see if we can agree on a "Mr. Franchise" for each and every major league team. This is NOT necessarily "the greatest player" (DiMaggio probably outstrips Ruth as "Mr. Yankee) and it's definitely not necessarily a current player (sorry, Derek, it's still Joe D.).

But for the most part, this is your space to float news and rumors and discussion. For instance, this ESPN.com roundup reports that Millwood to Cleveland is a done deal -- and this could be a steal, almost surely scuttling any Soriano-to-Flushing rumours, Miguel Cairo is a Met. But not Mr. Met!