Wednesday QOTD: And Don Cheadle, as Vernon Wells?

Wednesday, January 26 2005 @ 12:18 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

It's time to cast Blue Jays '05: The Movie. Think about your favorite ballclub -- think about both what the individuals look like and how large of a role you believe they will play. And don't limit yourself to players -- who gets the coveted John Gibbons role? Who plays Tom Cheek? Spencer Fordin? Richard Griffin? Opposing players? And think about the athletic ability of the actors you want to cast -- can you really see Emilio Estevez as Frank Catalanotto, and is Will Smith affordable as Alexis Rios? Are those even good fits? That's right, it's today's ...

Queestion of the Day: Who gets what role in the medium-budget thriller Blue Jays '05 (working title only), sure to be a huge hit at the Toronto International Film Festival come 2006? What's the real title of the film going to end up being? Who writes the script? Got a director in mind? And most importantly -- fill out that cast!