Make Your Own Roundup: Wish Fulfillment Edition

Thursday, February 03 2005 @ 09:42 AM EST

Contributed by: Named For Hank

So, did anything happen yesterday?

I was thinking last night that a number of very specific Bauxite requests were handled yesterday: a payroll increase to the magical $70 million; a new sound system at the location formerly known as SkyDome; out of town scoreboards that give us some more information; no more astroturf.

In addition, Mr. Rogers himself cited some frequent Bauxite logic for the payroll increase: that the Jays are a valuable major asset to Rogers, and that by increasing the payroll now, they increase the value of that asset now and in the future.

Am I missing anything? Were any of your specific requests or concerns addressed?

And what's everybody saying about the big event now that we're 23 hours past it?