QOTD / MYOR: I'm Patient Of This Plan

Friday, February 11 2005 @ 08:57 AM EST

Contributed by: Jonny German

With spring training just around the corner, most teams have their rosters mostly set. There could still be a significant trade or three, and some GM might suddenly realize that the missing piece that will push his team's offence over the top is none other than free agent Brad Fullmer. But for the most part, what you see is what they've got.

So what have they got? Here are two charts, one for each league, summing up the major position player moves this offseason. My definition of "major" has nothing to do with the quality of a player, but rather the amount of playing time he figures to get with his new team (Players Added column) or that he had in 2004 with his old team (Players Lost column). I've also included the number of runs each team scored in 2004.

American League

Team	Runs	Players Added                     	Players Lost            
Ana 836 Finley, Cabrera, Rivera Glaus, Guillen, Eckstein
Bal 842 Sosa -
Bos 949 Renteria, Payton Cabrera, Roberts
Cle 858 J Gonzalez Vizquel, Lawton
CWS 865 Dye, Iguchi, Pierzynski, Podsednik Ordonez, C Lee, Valentin
Det 827 Ordonez -
KC 720 Long Randa, J Gonzalez
Min 780 - Koskie, Guzman
NYY 897 T Martinez, Womack Cairo, Lofton
Oak 793 Kendall, C Thomas Dye, Miller
Sea 698 Beltre, Sexson -
TB 714 Bautista, Phelps, A Gonzalez, R Alomar Cruz, T Martinez
Tex 860 Hidalgo -
Tor 719 Koskie, Hillenbrand Delgado

National League
Team	Runs	Players Added                     	Players Lost            
Ari 615 Glaus, Green, Cruz, Counsell, Clayton Sexson, Hillenbrand, Bautista
Atl 803 Mondesi, Jordan Drew, C Thomas
ChC 789 Burnitz, Hairston Sosa, Alou
Cin 750 Randa -
Col 833 - Burnitz, Clayton
Fla 718 Delgado -
Hou 803 - Kent, Beltran
LA 761 Drew, Kent, Valentin Beltre, Green, Finley
Mil 634 C Lee, Miller Podsednik, Grieve, Counsell
NYM 684 Beltran, Mientkiewicz Hidalgo
Phi 840 Lofton -
Pit 680 Grieve, Lawton Kendall
SD 768 Roberts Payton
SF 850 Alou, Matheny, Vizquel Pierzynski
StL 855 Eckstein Renteria, Womack, Matheny
Was 635 Castilla, Guillen, Guzman Batista

QOTD: Which are the most improved offences in each league? Who let way too much talent walk? Can the Red Sox lead the Majors in runs for a 3rd straight season? Has Arizona's frenzy of maneuvers given them hope of crawling out of the offensive cellar?