Premature Weekend Edition

Friday, February 25 2005 @ 01:28 AM EST

Contributed by: Gitz

Meaning what, exactly? You got me; the editorial board comes up with these headlines. Probably that “Mick” fellow, specifically. Whatever the case, I don’t have any “notes” to offer for today. I'm working on a dozen previews and stuff for other Web sites (yes, including this one), so my creative juices are dried up. For proof I offer that previous line, which is perhaps what the word "cliche" was invented for.

I do, however, and this is really rather obvious, possess editing rights, which gives me the authority to type the following sentence (which is in truth not an actual sentence but rather part of the same sentence, because I’m not actually going to start a new sentence but rather divide this current one with a colon, which you will see approximately . . . now): Use this space to post anything you’d like, be it Jays-related, spring-training related, Jays-and-spring-training related, whatever. As long as it’s about baseball. Links to other material are welcomed, indeed encouraged. Previously similar titles of a posting such as this would have been “Hijack Central,” “Daily Round-up,” “Make Your Own Roundup,” etc. The floor is yours, Bauxites. Scrub it wisely.