Tuesday, March 08 2005 @ 10:18 AM EST

Contributed by: TangoTiger

That's J.P. Ricciardi's winning percentage since he came on board according to The St Pete. Times. Have we reached a point in the newspaper game where the easiest of all fact-checking goes by the wayside? If you follow baseball, you know that it takes a special team to play .333 for one year. But for 3 years? In their chart right above, they show when J.P. became GM. That's 3 years and counting. 3 years is about 486 games. The W-L record they show is 131-254 (or 385 games). So, there's around 100 games unaccounted for, and we all know that it's darn near impossible to play .340 for 3 years under the radar. The biggest disappointment will be if someone actually quotes these numbers as fact. Let's wait and see...