Gone But Not Forgotten : Howie Clark

Wednesday, March 16 2005 @ 06:00 AM EST

Contributed by: Craig B

When Howie Clark signed with the Blue Jays in Novenber of 2002, a reader named "Travis" posted in our thread welcoming Howie to the team.

Travis said "Clark is the man. He has got a lot of heart and a work ethic that compares to the greats. You will see and you will love this guy! He give 150% every pitch from the first to the last. Give this guy a chance and you will be a fan like I am."

Howie Clark was exactly as advertised. His too-short appearances in a Blue Jays uniform reminded us of what Magpie said at the end of last season; that he was a player built for the old days of six-man benches. With the "modern" four-man bench, he never had a fair shake in the majors.

Howie Clark left the Blue Jays organization over the winter to try to catch on with the Pittsburgh Pirates. We at Batter's Box wish him well.

Please share your memories of Howie Clark with us in this thread.