Reds 9 - Blue Jays 3

Sunday, March 27 2005 @ 10:26 AM EST

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

Not much to report from yesterday's game. At least not much good. Well, Batista and Chulk didn't give up any runs. Alex Rios got two hits, one of them double in 4 at-bats. I'd tell you more, but...

I didn't actually listen to the game. I was too busy building shelving for my far too many video games. But fortunately some of you heard it. Which is good because it was Warren Sawkiw's first game on Fan 590. Here's what the Bauxites had to say:

"The Beav" thought Sawkiw had a rough first few innings:

    I'm not impressed with Sawkiw at all so far. By the bottom of the first he'd already told three "when I played" stories. By this rate he'll run out of material by the fourth inning. And he spends too much time discussing the catcher's role.
Vernon's Biggest Fan isn't too worried, however:
    It's okay, Beav. It's only his first game so I'm sure he's getting all his stories out of his system and all the things he's always wanted to say on the radio. he'll be ready to go come April.
Named for Hank liked what he heard:
    I agree on Sawkiw sounding a lot more relaxed. And I don't mind the catcher stories -- I'd never have known why catchers would wear long sleeves on a hot day, and those are the tiny, interesting details that a good colour guy contributes.

    He sounds like he's hanging out and having fun at a ballgame, which appeals to me -- since I want to be hanging out and having fun at a ballgame, I like to be able to hear someone doing it for me.

It will be interesting to see how Sawkiw's colour commentary progresses over the season. Sawkiw wasn't my first choice. If Wilner couldn't do it, then I really would have liked to see the Jays hire one of the many guys who have been toiling away in the minor leagues waiting for their shot at "The Show". It makes more sense to me to hire someone who has spent decades honing his craft rather than hiring a guy just because he's already with the parent company and he's Canadian. But that's just me.

Since I'll be listening to some of the games, I do hope Sawkiw excels in his role. I know it's going to be tough and he'll be facing a lot of criticism. That's what happens when you pinch hit for a legend.


I quite liked Magpie's piece yesterday on how the Jays could score 100 more runs than they did last year. Although I've been very critical of the off-season, I do think Magpie is right. This team has the potential to surprise a lot of people if things break right.

Consider these "Runs Above Replacement Position" stats for the 2004 Jays:

Rios       (RF) 460 PA  7.7 RARP      
Cat        (LF) 274 PA  3.6 RARP
Hinske     (3B) 634 PA  2.1 RARP
Johnson    (LF) 582 PA  1.7 RARP
Phelps     (DH) 321 PA -1.4 RARP
Woodward   (SS) 232 PA -1.6 RARP
Clark      (RF) 133 PA -2.3 RARP
Pond       (DH)  56 PA -3.4 RARP
Gross      (LF) 148 PA -3.7 RARP
Cash       (C)  197 PA -4.9 RARP
Berg       (LF) 162 PA -5.5 RARP
That's a combined total of 7.7 runs under replacement value in 3,199 plate appearances. If the Jays aren't hit by the injury bug and if their young players perform well and if Hinske can improve, they can make up more than 100 runs here alone.

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