Finally.. Spring Training is Over!

Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 10:02 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

Most of this spring training I've been saying that Spring Training results and statistics are virtually meaningless. However, even the biggest cynic has to be impressed with a 16-10 record, the best in the American League, during these exhibition gamess. There would no doubt be a lot of carping if the Jays went 10-16, so let's take a moment to enjoy their fine record.

Moment over.

From the "Power of PECOTA", I give you the 1980's version of the 2005 Toronto Blue Jays. Here is the team as it stands today:

C  Gregg Zaun
C  Greg Myers
1B Eric Hinske
2B Orlando Hudson
SS Russ Adams
3B Corey Koskie
DH Shea Hillenbrand
IF Frank Menechino
IF John McDonald
LF Frank Catalanotto
CF Vernon Wells
RF Gabe Gross
OF Alexis Rios
OF Reed Johnson

SP Roy Halladay
SP David Bush
SP Gus Chacin
SP Josh Towers
RP Miguel Batista
RP Jason Frasor
RP Justin Speier
RP Scott Schoeneweis
RP Vinnie Chulk
RP Brandon League
RP Pete Walker
DL Ted Lilly
And here are their 1980s equivalents. Please don't take these comps too seriously. This is for entertainment purposes only.

C  Rick Cerone     (1988) BOS 264 AB .243/.320/.345
C  Rick Dempsey    (1988) LOS 167 AB .251/.338/.455
1B Jack Howell     (1989) CAL 474 AB .254/.323/.422
2B Ron Oester      (1983) CIN 549 AB .264/.322/.384
SS Danny Heep      (1982) HOU 198 AB .237/.311/.379
3B Wayne Gross     (1984) BAL 342 AB .216/.346/.442
DH Mickey Hatcher  (1985) MIN 444 AB .282/.308/.365
IF Kurt Bevacqua   (1981) PIT  27 AB .259/.333/.407
IF Mario Mendoza   (1981) PIT 229 AB .231/.254/.266
LF Rick Leach      (1988) TOR 199 AB .276/.336/.372
CF Kevin McReynolds(1986) SDP 560 AB .287/.358/.504
RF Gerald Perry    (1986) ATL  70 AB .271/.342/.376
OF Jeff Leonard    (1980) HOU 216 AB .213/.274/.333
OF Dave Gallagher  (1989) CWS 601 AB .266/.320/.314

SP Mike Witt       (1988) CAL 4.15 ERA 249.7 IP 13-16
SP Brian Kingman   (1980) OAK 3.83 ERA 211.3 IP  8-20
SP Bob Ojeda       (1982) BOS 5.63 ERA  78.3 IP  4- 6
SP Bill Long       (1988) CWS 4.03 ERA 174.0 IP  8-11
RP Rick Mahler     (1987) ATL 4.98 ERA 197.0 IP  8-13
RP Jeff Montgomery (1989) KCR 1.37 ERA  92.0 IP  7- 3
RP Steve Bedrosian (1989) PHI 3.21 ERA  33.7 IP  2- 3
RP Shane Rawley    (1987) PHI 4.39 ERA 229.7 IP 17-11
RP Dave Stewart    (1983) LAD 2.14 ERA  59.0 IP  5- 2
RP Tommy Boggs     (1978) ATL 6.71 ERA  59.0 IP  2- 8
DL Pete Falcone    (1983) ATL 3.63 ERA 106.7 IP  9- 4
There you have.. the 1980's 2005 Toronto Blue Jays.

Question of the Day: Word has it that Phillies minor league slugger Ryan Howard wants a trade. What's the absolute most you'd give up for him? Not what you think it will take, but your absolute maximum price.

For me, it wouldn't be too much. 48 homers is impressive, but given his huge number of strikeouts, he looks to me to be the bastard son of Josh Phelps and Bob Hamelin. But that's just one man's opinion. What's yours?

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