We're #49! Er, #48! ... er, #21! Er ...

Monday, April 25 2005 @ 03:24 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Okay, it's not exactly "breaking news," but every once in awhile, something nice about Batter's Box is randomly discovered somewhere on the Web, and every once in a while of those aforementioned every once in a whiles, the PR guy in me can't stand not saying something.

According to the self-decsribed "general purpose search engine" FindAnISP.com, Batter's Box is the #49 Sports Web site on the Internet.

Although the algorithm for ranking sites is not disclosed in any obvious placement on the site, Batter's Box resident Economist/Statistician Mike "Pepper" Moffatt speculates, "I'd guess that it's the number/value of incoming links to the site" that determines rankings.

There are at least two sites similar to Da Box ranked higher -- the USS Mariner at #37 and the #7 overall site, the Minnesota Twins-focused site AaronGleeman.com, maintained by Friend of Da Box Aaron Gleeman (the domain name should have clued you in).

Now, before we get too excited about that ranking, there are clearly some glitches in the program as the ubiquitous BaseballReference.com appears at #5 and at #33 (which would make Batter's Box #48, actually). And as Box Roster rookie of the year candidate Rob pointed out, "I don't know how good that ranking is -- when you're 14 spots behind WNBA.com ..." And with The Evil Genius Chronicles, which is decidedly not a sports site, at #36, one really wonders.

However, as Rob added, Batter's Box is also "21st on the list of Canadian sites -- eight above Air Canada." And, it might be noted, the official City of Toronto Web site checks in at #45. The only Canadian site higher on the original sports list is TSN.ca at #25, while CFL.ca sneaks in at #98.

Note: This Breaking News report, which isn't really breaking news at all, is provided sheerly for entertainment value. No wagering, please. Batter's Box and its staff currently make no effort to get the site listed or ranked in any other venue and do not claim to know for sure if the ranking mentioned above is even statistically valid; even if it is, in no way does the ranking represent the actual public value of Batter's Box as compared to sites listed above or below it on any ranking.