Gone But Not Forgotten : Greg Myers

Tuesday, April 26 2005 @ 09:20 PM EDT

Contributed by: Craig B

When Greg Myers came back to the Jays after a decade wandering the majors, I concluded my welcome with the words "Greg Myers, it's great to have you back."

Let me begin this farewell by saying Crash, it's sad to see you go.

"Crash", as he became known to his teammates and to the Bauxites, had a superb year in 2003 as a starter/DH, sparking the first-half offensive resurgence that gave so much hope to the fans. Sadly, he spent almost all of last season recovering from a severe ankle sprain he suffered in an April game against the Twins.

Myers's 2003 was something to behold. Dave Till said it best in his 2003 End-Of-Season Report Card:

"Greg Myers 2003 season in one word: Possessed"

His first-half tear was so noteworthy that in a bid to earn Myers some All-Star attention, two rabid Jays fans (including our own Thomas Ayers) began a memorable sign campaign, holding up a GREG MYERS OPS 1034 sign which was manually updated in real-time during ballgames. Every time Crash hit the ball, he hit it hard the other way, like some remorseless machine. If you weren't there for those months, let me tell you, you missed something special.

A lot of fans had high hopes for Crash in 2005, when he returned as a backup to Gregg Zaun (whose fortuitous appearance in a Jays uniform coincided with Myers' original injury). Sadly, he didn't get much chance to shine (and John Gibbons, to his credit, has admitted as much). I hope we haven't seen the last of him.

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