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Thursday, April 28 2005 @ 08:19 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

Only one game was played last night. That game was on Internet radio. The fact that it was a Dunedin game makes the previous sentence a Fort Myers Miracle.

Syracuse 0, Buffalo 0

New Hampshire 0, Harrisburg 0

Fort Myers 10, Dunedin 1
Box score

First of all, the Fort Myers radio feed might be the funniest feed I've ever listened to. In the middle of one inning, it sounded like the microphone was dropped on the floor. For five minutes, no less. Knology Park is also very, very quiet -- I could hear the ball thrown back to the pitcher each time.

Oh, the game. Right. Kurt Isenberg was done after 3.2 innings, having surrendered 6 runs (5 earned) on seven hits and three walks. Yes, a 2.73 WHIP. Milton Tavarez was the only D-Jay pitcher who didn't give up a run, with a scoreless ninth.

So with Dunedin down 6-0 after four, you could maybe forgive the hitters for giving up a bit. But just six hits, with only one double in the game? Not much of an effort. That double, however, led to the only run as Brian Patrick hit one to centre and then scored on a passed ball/wild pitch combo. Patrick also walked twice, as did David Smith. Both men reached base three times in the game, which was about as good as it got for the home team.

Adam Lind did not get a hit.

Lansing had the night off.

Your Extremely-Impossible-To-Choose-With-Only-One-Game-Tonight Three-Star Selection:
3. David Smith
2. Milton Tavarez
1. Brian Patrick

Today’s Games:
Syracuse (Glynn) vs Rochester, 6:00 ET.
New Hampshire has a scheduled day off.
Dunedin (Romero) vs Fort Myers, 7:00 ET.
Lansing (Janssen) @ Dayton, 7:00 ET.

And some minor league notes for you, taken from "Wednesdays With JP" show on the FAN radio network:
Dustin McGowan will be in a game situation soon and in the Dunedin rotation "no later than June."
Guillermo Quiroz will return to Syracuse sometime next week.