Game 23: Blue Jays vs. Devil Rays - Getaway Day

Thursday, April 28 2005 @ 12:30 PM EDT

Contributed by: Named For Hank

A lunchtime treat for us, today, as the Jays and Rays face off before hopping onto planes and jetting out of town. No home team TV coverage, but you can tune in the Fan on the radio and let Jerry tell you all about it.

Josh Towers vs. Doug Waechter, first pitch at 12:37.

A couple of people asked why TSN was showing so many games this year in yesterday's game thread. I don't know that they're showing any more games than last year, but they're showing a lot of games early in the season because Rogers Sportsnet had most of the Raptors broadcasts and now has the NBA playoffs. Once the NBA season is over, I believe the majority of the games shift back to Sportsnet.

Oh, and those of you who've run group ticket accounts in the past should check your mailboxes -- I got a pleasant surprise in mine this morning.