Jolly and Green

Monday, May 02 2005 @ 12:10 PM EDT

Contributed by: TangoTiger

I'm 100% pro-union, but I'm with Selig on this one. Somewhat.

What Selig wants is to make Fehr own this mess. If Selig really cared, he would have made a big deal about it in the last CBA. But, he didn't (mostly because the owners didn't care to, and they've lived with "greenies" forever).

Anyway, this is now on Fehr's plate. As it should be. The steroid and greenie policy should be set *only* by the players. What do the owners care? They don't. They've turned a blind eye forever. What do the fans care? They don't? They come to the parks in droves. Owners and fans don't care about having a drug-free sport. If anything, all they care about is knowing what the field is. They don't even necessarily care that it's a level playing field.

So, the only one who should really care are the players. It's the players themselves that should be represented at the table. They are competing amongst themselves, and it's up to them to decide the health risks they are willing to take, and how level the playing field needs to be. What's needed here is for players to establish their own rules of conduct. Once that's done, the holy writers will stop making this an issue, and Bud Selig will need to start earning his brownie points elsewhere. Maybe he can give the government a second baseball team.