Game 67: Odds and Sods

Saturday, June 18 2005 @ 06:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

I don't have a coherent theme or anything for you this time. I don't have page after page of numbers (but I do have a few.) I just have a few odds and ends to pass along...

First, I want to pound on my chest and say HEY! I got something right! How the hell did that happen?

I have the irrational feeling that Pete Walker might put together a totally unexpected outstanding year. He's an older pitcher who has just experienced the baseball version of a miracle cure... Walker thought he was losing his fastball because he was just getting old. It turns out he had two herniated disks in his neck.

That was me! That was before the season even started, and I was writing after an exhibition game when Walker got his brains beaten in. Tonight he allowed a run - STOP THE PRESSES - snapping his scoreless inning streak at 18+, and causing his ERA to balloon to 1.24 - it was the first run he had allowed since May 11. Now we'll have to see if his work tonight changes the plan to give him the starting assignment on Tuesday.

For those of you keeping track of the Jays' record when various Roster guys are doing the Game Report, can I just say that I've now written up seven times as many Toronto victories as Jordan? (And I've still got a losing record... go figure.)

There was some discussion on the Chat of the respective merits of Russ Adams and John McDonald. It made me grumpy and cross. Here is what you need to know about that:

PLAYER 	            GP  ABT   R   H  2B 3B HR RBI  BB  SO  SB CS  BAV  OBP  SLG  OPS
McDonald (age 30)  312  690  82 164  29  5  4  41  31 111  11  4  .238 .277 .312 .589
Adams (age 24) 	    75 	225  29  58  11  3  8  31  18  23   6  0  .258 .313 .440 .753
Yes, in his half season in the majors, Adams has twice as many HRs and almost as many RBIs as McDonald has in his career. There is no comparsion between the two as offensive players. OK? I don't ever want to address this again.

There is nothing like dropping six runs on the other guys in the very first inning - the Jays are unbeaten when they do that - and scoring 9 runs in the game also tends to have a very positive impact on the old W-L record. So here's my little slew of numbers for y'all to look today.

When scoring 0 runs: 0-5
When scoring 1 runs: 1-3 (1-8)
When scoring 2 runs: 2-8 (3-16)
When scoring 3 runs: 1-8 (4-24)
When scoring 4 runs: 5-3 (9-27)
When scoring 5 runs: 4-4 (13-31)
When scoring 6 runs: 7-0 (20-31)
When scoring 7 runs: 3-2 (23-33)
When scoring 8 runs: 4-0 (27-33)
When scoring 9 runs: 3-0 (30-33)
When scoring 10+ runs: 4-0 (34-33)

When allowing 0 runs: 5-0
When allowing 1 runs: 8-0 (13-0)
When allowing 2 runs: 7-1 (20-1)
When allowing 3 runs: 5-4 (25-5)
When allowing 4 runs: 2-8 (27-13)
When allowing 5 runs: 3-5 (30-18)
When allowing 6 runs: 2-5 (32-23)
When allowing 7 runs: 1-3 (33-26)
When allowing 8 runs: 0-1 (33-27)
When allowing 9 runs: 1-1 (34-28)
When allowing 10+ runs: 0-5 (34-33)
What do you think? Anything unusual about that?