Brewers 5 - Jays 2: A Guessing Game for Father's Day

Sunday, June 19 2005 @ 10:32 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

Hi Dad!!!

I hate doing game reports for games that I thought the Jays would win but didn't. Yesterday was such a game. So I've decided I won't do one. If you didn't see yesterday's game, read Fordin. He's good.

Today we'll play a game instead. Match the quote with the pundit or player who said it:

1. "Felipe Lopez, given away by the Blue Jays, has more RBIs than anyone in their lineup and more home runs than every Jay except Vernon Wells"

2. "I play the game the only way I know how... and I don't care at all what anybody thinks about me."

3. "No one defended Gord Ash's record when he was fired by the Jays. He knew it wasn't good enough. But he also knew he didn't leave the cupboard nearly as bare as J.P. Ricciardi has not so quietly accused him of doing."

4. "Toronto steadily has faded into oblivion since the arrival of general manager J.P. Ricciardi, who has yet to move to the Canadian city. The joke is he has fired more people than the Blue Jays have won games, but it is not too funny to those longtime employees who survived."

5. "He's a fantastic talent. He's got a great fastball and that curveball is pretty devastating... I was surprised I didn't see more breaking balls out of him today, because that's just such a great pitch for him. He moved the ball around the plate pretty good, changed speeds and made some pretty good pitches when he had to."

6. "You saw Doug Davis here -- was there anything that would make you say we should've held onto him?"

7. "If this had been a heavyweight title fight, Halladay would have gone in as the overwhelming favourite. But, a closer look behind the raw numbers of Sheets would have revealed the possibility of an upset for one of the game's elite young NL hurlers. His biggest issues are being bothered by injuries and a lack of run support. His team had averaged only three runs in support per game."

8. "I got the head (of the bat) out on a good fastball (for the homer) and stayed back on a ball away (for an infield single back of second base). This could go a long way."

A. Gregg Zaun
B. Gregg Zaun (again)
C. J.P. Ricciardi
D. Richard Griffin
E. Shea Hillenbrand
F. Steve Simmons
G. Steve Simmons (again)
H. Tracy Ringolsby


Your thoughts?